How do we work?

Good design and implementation can save a lot of direct implementation costs, lead to major energy savings and create more sustainable, healthier buildings or spaces.

That’s why it is important to conduct thorough preliminary work, in which the client can get involved and make decisions regarding their home.

Together we weigh up all the alternatives, we inform and decide on the best option for building each building.

  • The client consults us
  • A meeting is arranged
  • We define the project and the timing together
  • We start work
  • Turnkey

“Drycon System offers comprehensive, customized service tailored to the needs of each client”

Robert Cortès
Manager of Drycon System

Customized design

Each Passivhaus house is unique, designed according to the needs of the client and the characteristics of the environment.

We combine the resources of bioclimatic architecture with far superior energy efficiency to that of conventional construction.

This is how we achieve efficient, green, healthy buildings.

Industrialized building

Construction based on the industrial work system allows us to keep costs down and reduce the completion time of the work.

Adapting such a system results in highly energy-efficient buildings that are environmentally friendly in all phases of their life cycle.

  • We take care of everything, from start to finish: we design the space according to your requirements and execute the entire building plan.
  • We also process municipal licences and all the necessary documents to implement the project, order supplies, etc.
  • We deliver the finished home within the agreed deadline and with no unforeseen events of any kind.

Be your own developer

Developing your project yourself is becoming an increasingly attractive alternative for people who have land and want to participate more actively in the development process of their own home.

This solution, in which the owner manages and controls the financial aspects and we provide our advice, allows total control over the design and considerable financial savings.


We take care of everything, from start to finish: we design the space according to your requirements and carry out the entire building plan.

The project is carried out at a fixed price and within a previously agreed deadline.