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Passivhaus housing

Energy efficiency, air quality and comfort

The concept of passive the building was developed in Germany in the 1980s improving on energy-efficient houses.

Passive housing does not need conventional cooling or heating mechanisms thanks to:

  • The excellent thermal quality of the building‚Äôs envelope materials (walls, windows and doors).
  • The use of internal heat sources (natural light and from sources coming from electrical devices normally used in the home).
  • The minimization of ventilation losses by means of a controlled system incorporating heat recovery.


We design energy-efficient, green, healthy buildings. To do so, we combine the resources of bioclimatic architecture with far superior energy efficiency to that of conventional construction.


Drycon System is a company specializing since 2014 in the construction of houses to the Passivhaus standard. We have a technical and production team with vast experience building highly energy-efficient housing, certified by the Passivhaus Institute.

Drycon System is a Tradesperson certified company. In addition, we collaborate with the architectural studios MOArquitectura and Protelec, both Passivhaus Designer certified, for the processes of design, architecture and construction.


Every Passivhaus is a unique project, subject to the client’s needs and the characteristics of the land and its environment.

This is why we weigh up all the alternatives, we inform the client and decide together which is the best option to build each building.

We know that good design and implementation can save a lot of direct implementation costs, lead to major energy savings and create more sustainable, healthier buildings or spaces.


  1. The client consults us
  2. A meeting is arranged
  3. We define the project and the timing together
  4. We start work
  5. Turnkey


At Drycon System we are committed to building homes and other buildings following a system based on industrialization that cuts implementation time by three.

Adapting such a system results in highly energy-efficient buildings that are environmentally friendly in all phases of their life cycle.


Be your own developer

Developing your project yourself is becoming an increasingly attractive alternative for people who have land and want to participate more actively in the development process of their own home.

This solution, in which the owner manages and controls the financial aspects and we provide our advice, allows total control over the design and considerable financial savings.


A ‚Äúturnkey‚ÄĚ project or contract means that the contractor is responsible for all or at least most of the procedures involved in the building works.

The project is carried out at a fixed integral price, and within a previously agreed deadline.



Each house is a world of its own: your world. Let’s make it sustainable!

Fill in the contact form and we will contact you to explore the possibilities of your project.

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